To purchase a JamMan® upgraded with JamExpand technology or if you have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. From time to time, we list upgraded units on eBay. Purchase(s) may be made via PayPal. The JamExpand™ is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.  

Video demonstration clips available here.

Welcome to JamExpand!

"We think outside the box for what we put in the box."

Looping / sampling capabilities of 17 minutes and 53 seconds is now available through JamExpand™ technology

which is currently being used to expand the JamMan®


JamExpand™ is a new proprietary technology invented specifically for expanding the memory available in sampler/looper instruments. This technology is currently offered in a product specifically designed for the JamMan® and enables 32 times the sampling and looping times than originally available in the JamMan®. This increases the sampling capability to 17 minutes and 53 seconds! The technology was developed by an independent inventor and is not associated with nor available from Lexicon.


JamExpand™ Version 2.0 provides:

  • 17 minutes and 53 seconds of loop time
  • 30 New MIDI Commands
    • Complete remote MIDI control of all 16 operating modes using 17 MIDI commands
    • New Solo Central Mode using 13 MIDI Commands
  • Our new design duplicates original functionality plus more
  • Reduced power consumption (approx. 1 watt less)


The original JamMan® did not provide “complete” remote control via MIDI. Now with Signal Technology Labs' new design all 16 of the front panel operating modes may be selected remotely via new MIDI commands and override the front panel settings at any time. Switch between ECHO, SAMPLE and any of the seven Phrased or seven Punch in Loop modes with a tap of a MIDI programmed footswitch. It is now available in the JamExpand™. The front panel control may still be used by simply changing the Mode switch once to recover local control and then to the desired setting. There are also 13 new MIDI commands for the JamExpand Solo Central Mode . The MIDI commands are provided here.


If you wish to purchase an upgraded unit or have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. The JamExpand™ is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.


The currently offered product for the JamMan® includes expansion by 32X to 32 MegaSamples for the following *NEW* expanded sampling and looping times:



Original Design

JamExpand™ Technology


32 seconds              

17 minutes, 53 seconds

Phrased/Punch-In Loops

4 seconds x 8 phrases

2 minutes, 13 seconds x 8 phrases


32 seconds

32 seconds (limited by design)


JamExpand™ now provides the “Longer Looper” capability musicians have hoped for in the JamMan® for many years. Now offered in upgraded JamMan® instruments EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.




JamMan® is a registered trademark of Lexicon and The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG),

a division of Harman International Industries, Inc. with which Signal Technology Labs has no affiliation.


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