To purchase a JamMan® upgraded with JamExpand technology or if you have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. From time to time, we list upgraded units on eBay. Purchase(s) may be made via PayPal. The JamExpand™ is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.  

Video demonstration clips available here.



Each unit comes with a 30 day limited warranty. The tamper resistant labels must remain intact or the warranty is voided. Any disassembly of the unit will void the warranty and negate any seller responsibility for repair and/or replacement under the limited warranty. Any damage resulting from use of incorrect power supplies (i.e., non- 9VAC wall-warts) is also not covered under the limited warranty.

Cautions / Warnings

When connecting and disconnecting the unit be careful not to inject a static discharge into the unit (static electricity is more likely in dry, cooler conditions as you walk across carpet, etc.). Electronic components are static sensitive devices and can be rendered inoperative with static discharges.




JamMan® is a registered trademark of Lexicon and The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG),

a division of Harman International Industries, Inc. with which Signal Technology Labs has no affiliation.


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