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Historical Perspective of JamExpand™


The inventor is originally from Ohio which is the same state singer and song writer Phil Keaggy grew up in. Phil Keaggy became one of the masters of using the JamMan® in live performances. The inventor, after seeing Phil Keaggy in a live performance, was inspired and acquired a JamMan®. It should be mentioned the inventor is also a guitarist and an electronics design engineer with over 30 years of analog and digital signal processing design experience. Motivated simply by the challenge and desire for more sample time in the JamMan®, the inventor began to explore how to increase the memory despite the minor fact it was never designed to operate with more than 32 seconds of memory. After several years (having a full time day job) he developed the proprietary technology and released this product. The initial product is JamExpand™ with 17 minutes and 53 seconds of memory. The technology is currently Patent Pending.



Musicians who use the JamMan®


These musicians have been noted as using the Lexicon JamMan®:


Joseph Arthur is one of the notable users of the JamMan®.


Keller Williams is one of the most innovative acts to use this effect and it can be heard on many of his albums and always at his live show.


Nick Robinson has used a JamMan® as an integral part of his live performances for many years.


Blixa Bargeld has extensively used a JamMan® with his band Einsturzende Neubauten.


Chet Atkins loved the JamMan® so much that he even wrote a song entitled "JamMan®" which won him a grammy. "Jam Man" the song can be heard on Chet's "Almost Alone" CD.


In the mid 1990s, Chet Atkins introduced Phil Keaggy to the Lexicon JamMan®. Phil Keaggy is a master with the JamMan®. "Acoustic Sketches" contains several tunes created with the JamMan®.


You can find more information about the JamMan® at these links:



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