To purchase a JamMan® upgraded with JamExpand technology or if you have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. From time to time, we list upgraded units on eBay. Purchase(s) may be made via PayPal. The JamExpand™ is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.  

Video demonstration clips available here.



1. International Sales?

    We ship international if buyer makes shipping arrangements. The best way to contact us about this is through email:

2. Retrofit kits available?

    We do not sell retrofit kits because of the risks involved and technical savvy required to make the upgrade. We prefer to upgrade units to ensure 100% satisfaction and minimize problems. If you have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. From time to time, we also sell upgraded units on eBay.  

3. Can one still use analog footswitches like with the original JamMan®?

    Yes, we have provided similar capabilities for analog footswitch control as offered in the original JamMan®. However, please note, an analog footswitch provides EXTREMELY limited control of the JamMan®. In addition, nowadays, the cost of two good analog footswitches becomes very close to a low cost MIDI footswitch controller. This suggests using a low cost MIDI footswitch controller, which we recommend. Please see our MIDI controller page and the JamExpand MIDI commands.




JamMan® is a registered trademark of Lexicon and The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG),

a division of Harman International Industries, Inc. with which Signal Technology Labs has no affiliation.


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