To purchase a JamMan® upgraded with JamExpand technology or if you have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. From time to time, we list upgraded units on eBay. Purchase(s) may be made via PayPal. The JamExpand™ is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.  

Video demonstration clips available here.


Here are the original manufacturer specs revised with JamExpand™ Technology:  

Digital Delay/Looper

JamMan® has three modes of operation: a Tap-Tempo Echo, a Sampler and a Looping device. Each operating mode has its own set of features and offers hands-off control with either footswitches or MIDI. The JamExpand™ Version 2.0 offers a Solo Central Mode operation and complete remote front panel control using 30 new MIDI commands.

Echo Mode

In Echo mode, JamMan equipped with JamExpand™ Technology provides echoes up to 32 seconds long. Instead of setting the delay in milliseconds as with most units, just tap in a tempo and you'll have a delay that fits with your rhythm. You can easily set the echo rate while a song is being counted off, or change it at any time simply by tapping in a new tempo, as well as control the delay feedback.

An Echo Divide function provides rhythmic variations by allowing you to divide your echo rate by two, three or four. For example, you can tap in quarter-notes, then select eight-notes at the same tempo with a single button push. Shorter echoes that might be difficult to tap in precisely are instantly available.

Sample Mode

JamMan with JamExpand™ Technology can sample sounds up to 17 minutes 53 seconds long, and play them either forward or backward. To record a sample, push the front panel TAP button (or use a footswitch or MIDI controller) to start recording a sample; push it again to stop recording. Once you've got your sample, hitting TAP triggers playback.

If you want a sound itself to trigger recording, you can set an Audio Trigger to start recording when audio is present. Once you've captured a sample, audio can trigger the sample playback. The Audio Trigger threshold is variable, allowing you to have the sample triggered by audio peaks only, for example.

Loop Mode

JamMan's Loop mode is useful for composing or figuring out songs. Tap once at the downbeat of a phrase to start recording, and once again at the end of the phrase to stop recording. JamMan will immediately begin looping the phrase in tempo. While it loops, you can solo along with it, add new layers of sound, or experiment with new ideas. JamMan also can record up to 8 different loops, allowing you to switch between loops and selectively replace them. Maximum time per loop with JamExpand™ Technology is 17 minutes 53 seconds divided by the total number of loops.

JamMan can also send out MIDI clock signals in the tempo established by your loop, allowing sequencers or drum machines to sync to your tempo. Alternatively, you can send MIDI clock into JamMan, allowing you to capture loops which are perfectly timed to the MIDI tempo.

JamMan's real-time controls can be remotely activated via footswitch or MIDI. Two dual-function analog footswitches gives hands-free control over front panel functions but excludes operating mode control. Front panel controls including all 16 operating modes (Echo/Sample/Punch-in(7)/Phrased(7)) can be controlled via MIDI Program Change messages with JamExpand™ Technology . A MIDI foot controller is highly recommended for optimum performance and COMPLETE remote control of the unit.

 Solo Central Mode™

         The JamExpand Solo Central Mode (SCM) is activated via a MIDI command in Phrased or Punch-In loop modes. A flashing digit indicates SCM is active. The SCM may be activated upon reset and reset will de-activate SCM. SCM enables up to 8 loops of simultaneous playback, independent muting of each loop, and layer/replace/mute of the selected loop which is always displayed. There are thirteen (13) MIDI commands which include two Solo Mix save and recall commands. Any combination of the 8 loops can be enabled (unmuted or ON) or disabled (muted or OFF) and saved as a Solo Mix. The Solo Mix1 and Solo Mix2 Save/Recall commands, eight SCM Loop ON/OFF Toggle Commands, SCM ON/OFF toggle command and Mute/Restart Command provide lots of editing and experimenting options for song creation.


  • Audio Inputs: One Pair Stereo 1/4" on Rear Panel
  • Audio Outputs: One Pair Stereo 1/4" on Rear Panel
  • Sample/Loop time of 17 minutes 53 seconds with JamExpand™ Technology 
  • Forward and Backward Sample playback
  • Footswitch Inputs: (2) Tip/Ring/Sleeve phone jacks for Reset/Bypass and Tap or Function and Select
  • MIDI: MIDI In and Out connectors
  • Frequency Response: Wet: 20Hz - 15kHz, +1.0dB, -3.0dB, Dry: 20Hz - 20kHz, +/-0.5dB
  • THD + Noise: Wet: <0.05% @1kHz, Dry: <0.025% @1kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 85dB typical, 20Hz - 20kHz bandwidth
  • Conversion:16 bit linear PCM encoding; 31.25kHz sampling rate
  • Power Requirements: 9VAC, 1A wall transformer provided
  • Dimensions: 19"W x 1.75"H x 4.0"D (483 x 45 x 102mm)
  • Weight: Unit: approx. 3 lbs




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