To purchase a JamMan® upgraded with JamExpand technology or if you have a unit you would like upgraded, please email us for current pricing and availability. From time to time, we list upgraded units on eBay. Purchase(s) may be made via PayPal. The JamExpand™ is offered EXCLUSIVELY by Signal Technology Labs.  

Video demonstration clips available here.

Midi Controllers

We currently recommend and offer package deals including the RFX/ ROLLS models MIDI WIZARD (MP1288) or MIDIBUDDY (MP128P) controllers. These are small, reliable, low cost MIDI controllers which can provide complete remote of the JamExpand equipped JamMan®. See our complete list of JamExpand Version 2.0 MIDI commands at this website.

All of JamMan's® real-time controls can be remotely activated via footswitch or MIDI. Two dual-function footswitches give complete hands-free control over every front panel function. Front panel controls can also be accessed via MIDI Program Change messages. A MIDI foot controller is highly recommended for optimum performance. 

Visit  this link Phil Keaggy: Technique and Technology for Phil's MIDI controller setup and programming for the JamMan®.





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